Heavy Plant Repair and Refurbishment

  • Agricultural vehicles
  • Materials handling, FLT, Loaders and Shovels
  • Tractor units
  • HGV trailer repairs


  • Weld repair, restoration of bearings, axle journals, thread repairs
  • Refurbishment of large bores and cylinders, rebushing service including oversized bores
  • Stud removal and repair
  • Hole repair and re-drilling/tapping
  • Variety of weld repairs including buckets, blades, grabs and hardfacing
  • General machining, milling, drilling, boring, turning


Fast Flow

The strongest and highest capacity bridge drainage product on the market.
FastFlow bridge deck drainage provides a complete drainage solution for both bridges and standard groundworks. All units are D400 loading EN1433 compliant. With FastFlow Expansion joint problems are solved by allowing for movement whilst keeping the joint dry, which is of primary importance on any bridge. We manufacture a range of products for crossing an existing or new expansion joint. FastFlow is the only UK produced Type-I D400 bridge drainage product which carries the EN1433 Kitemarkā„¢ and has a fantastic reputation for being a high-quality, reliable, cost-effective and expertly-engineered product.