Pattern Shop

We can produce a full range of patterns to suit all methods of moulding.


We can provide modifications and updates to existing patterns.

Our Foundry

Our pattern shop and foundry work alongside each other to maintain accuracy.

Our expert pattern making facility compliments our foundry division, ensuring your castings are accurate and cost-effective.

Pattern Making

Our experienced pattern makers can produce a full range of patterns to suit all methods of moulding. With both the Pattern Shop and Foundry working side by side we can ensure that patterns are made to suit the most cost effective methods of manufacture that will give the best quality castings possible.

We can carry out modifications and running repairs to patterns and tooling without significant interruption to the casting process therefore keeping delivery schedules intact. The close proximity of the pattern shop and foundry is essential to maintaining dimensional accuracy of patterns and tooling during extended production runs.

Our expertise in producing patterns has its roots in the early years of the company and we have maintained that expertise for almost a century. We produce patterns for a wide range of sectors from engineering components through to highly decorative heritage castings.

Our flexibility in the materials cast and patterns produced means we can deliver an expert pattern service to meet any customers’ needs.