Shafts and Sprockets

Date Started: Sun, 1st Sep 2019

Date Completed: Wed, 18th Sep 2019

Job Type: Forging

Services Used: Fabrication

New Limits set by Fowler and Holden Ltd, Engineering Division

The Engineering Division of Fowler and Holden Ltd has set a new standard in the size of component they can produce having just completed the supply of five large shafts, each over 5m long and 1.3m diameter. The project for a large steel mill and has stretched the limits of the engineering facility. The challenge of shrink fitting three large sprockets, two sleeves and a coupling required the 5m shaft to be lowered through the bores of these items. This required meticulous planning and the utilisation of the full headroom of the building. The sprocket at the centre of the shafts length meant a 7.5m travel was needed. With the building height at 6m a deep pit was utilised to allow the shrink fitting.

“The guys in the machine shop pulled out all the stops to bring this project together, they were very innovative in their approach, methodical and precise in the execution of the shrink fitting. I’m delighted with the way the engineering division accepted the challenge presented to them. They surpassed all expectations and set the bench mark for future large projects”

(Nick Kitchen, Technical Director)

The Engineering Division of Fowler and Holden have a fully equipped machine shop with large borers, millers and lathes. A full capacity list is available at the download page. We have a highly skilled workforce that thrives on the challenges that are presented to them.

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